Thigh Highs: Little Mix Strippers

Christmas is almost here and artists are releasing new tracks everyday in that build up for the Xmas number 1 spot. After announcing the release of their fourth album, it looks like Little Mix are also in the running to be on top. The four piece performed their lead single, Shout Out to My Ex, on X Factor this Sunday and somehow caused controversy with both the song and their outfits.

Ignoring the song plagiarism for another time, the first article I saw about the performance was from The Lad Bible who posted an article on Little Mix’s outfits on the show almost immediately after they had performed. Fair play to Lad Bible, their article wasn’t of their opinions but of the viewers of the show. Multiple tweets from the public included the words ‘prostitutes’ and ‘strippers’. The women, pictured above, had both boobs and butts fully covered for the performance and the main complaints came from their boots.

Little Mix are set to go on a US tour with fellow thigh high boot lover, Ariana Grande who is a very famous feminist and tells people not to call girls ‘hoes’. The girlband also went on an America tour with Demi Lovato, who, you guessed it, also loves thigh highs.

This isn’t a blog post on feminism in the music industry (because that needs a whole other post) but it troubles me that multiple news stories about their outfits when there was hardly any about the actual quality of the song or the fact that the dancers on the stage all had names on their shirts of both female and male genders. Surely an article on the support on the LGBTQ+ community on such a huge platform is a great positive story to cover. Not many acts who release songs about current or past relationships will include both genders in their performance but for Little Mix, who are all presumably straight, to include the different names is sort of groundbreaking.

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