Male vs Female: Do you know football?

On the night of Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool, I ask you one question; Do you know football? If you’re female, you probably don’t. Right? I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I don’t know anything about the sport. I’m not quite sure on whether it’s because of the team I support or whether it’s because I’m not male (also not going to name my team because that’s not the point of this).

London based teams (with Watford)

Ever since I could remember, my father and eldest brother have had a strong connection to football, especially Everton, and once another brother went through his Chelsea phase, he soon chose to support Everton too. I never wanted to support Everton so once my uncle and cousin decided to take me to a London based football team’s stadium, I have supported them ever since. Once I started secondary school, I realised that none of the girls followed football as it was too ‘manly’ to like so I stopped watching football. It wasn’t until last year, when my university friends were (male) into football, it was easy for me to fall into my old ways. I didn’t change teams but people did try to influence me to change to their teams because “I don’t know football”. Insert eye roll emoji here.

Football has some technical rules but once understand them, you know football. Simple as

Son Heung-min

that. But some people think that if you like/dislike a football team/player that “everyone else hates/likes”, then you don’t know football. For example, if I was to dislike Tottenham player, Son Heung-min, and I support Arsenal/Chelsea, and everyone thought that he was the best player this month, I would be called an idiot and that it was because of the team I supported. However, I’m not going to say that every football fan has these reactions, some would ask why I thought that way and that would create more of a community and understanding between football fans.

Shockingly enough, not all males and females like football. There are men who choose a team to support and don’t watch the games. A direct quote from a close male friend about his views on football; “It’s sh*t”. However, he pretended to like football to impress a girl. Yes, a girl needed to be impressed with his knowledge on football. Another male friend owns a football shirt, can name a few players but doesn’t like to watch the sport. So, why is it so strange when a girl attends football games and can cheer louder than the boys?


So attention to all football loving fans; don’t tell a female or male that they don’t know football if you don’t agree with their views. It’s not important to football like the judgment on homosexual players or players of colour, and who knows, maybe one day there will be no unbalance on who can like football and who can’t.


PS. You don’t own football.


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