Nochella: Rock Coachella on the High Street

Coachella’s first weekend has just passed and each year, the summer style is set by the celebrities that parade around the festival. Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens and many more express their festival style and if you’re heading to a festival this year, you probably want to make a statement too so here is their looks but for a whole lot less!

1. Kendall Jenner – No Problem Casual – Overall cost: £84.89-£90.99

hbs-celebs-at-coachella-2017-day-3-kendall-jennerSupermodel and reality star Kendall Jenner is a frequent Coachella goer, rocking up in many extravagant styles. However, this look might be Miss Jenner’s easiest look to copy! Starting with the ‘DONE WITH YOU’ hat, Forever 21 offers a range of slogan hats and this ‘UNAVAILABLE’ cap is the closest to Kendall’s, costing £9.00! Next, the top might be a bit too hot for a summer festival with it being huge and black but ASOS and H&M are the closest finds to the shirt without being too dramatic00055412-01 with prices ranging from £9.99 to £16.00. New Look shorts fit the criteria of ripped and blue denim to match the look and only £15.99. A close fit to the trainers are from Adidas which aren’t the cheapest as they’re £50.00 but
they’re probably a lot cheaper than Kendall’s! Make the look your own with your choice of jewelry and there’s no match to a Louis Vuitton Bag so rock a bumbag!

2. Vanessa Hudgens – Summer Fun – Overall cost: £97.99

Queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, only made on appearance at the festival this year showed off her bohemian edgy style.  The statement piece in the primarily black look is that gorgeous kimono. River Island are a close match with this pink and black kimono that costs £35.00. Hats were a big hit at Coachella 2k17 and Vanessa matched her black hair with this black fedora that is almost identical to this New Look fedora which is definitely a lot cheaper, costing you £9.99. As the sun is shining down, black isn’t always the best colour for it but Vanessa shows that wearing a cute bralet and short shorts is the way to wear black in the sun. Topshop provide a super sexy lace bralet (£22.00) TS04E02KBLK_Zoom_M_1that’s suitable for the public. These rocker shorts from match Vanessa’s rocker bohemian look to a tee and only cost £18.00. Finally, the boots are probably going to be ruined at Glastonbury but risk it to look good, these missguided boots are the ones and will only leave you £13.00 poorer.


3. A$AP Rocky & Tyler The Creator – Double Trouble – Overall cost: £140 & £144


Both A$AP Rocky and Tyler The Creator were very colourful during their Coachella performance and instead of going shirtless for a festival boys, try copying their looks. Starting off with A$AP Rocky, no one in England is cool enough to pull off a ski mask so lets skip that. With the white shirt, the colours really pop, just like this Element shirt from ASOS for £25.00. These red tracksuit bottoms from Nike will probably be too hot fordownload the likes of Isle of Wight Festival and Reading Festival but for T In The Park and Leeds Festival, they’ll keep you warm enough for £40.00. The bag is a statement piece but even men have to carry around water (yeah right, probably vodka) and essentials and this Unigear backpack works just fine for £20.00 but not necessary to look as cool as A$AP. These Jordans match A$AP’s shoes but you might have to get the Sharpies out to match the colour but at £55.00, these are a steal!

Onto Tyler The Creator, this all green look won’t get ruined by laying on the grass so it’s perfect for summer festivals! Tyler’s always seen in Vans clothing and Topshop sell a mint green cap that’ll suit your grass-stain-prevention look for a pricey £25.00. To suit 991-474s2Tyler’s expensive look, Debenhams sell a range off Raging Bull clothing which features this pistachio ice cream green polo shirt that costs £45.00 so look after it. To find matching green shorts, it’s important to make sure that you’re not just wearing cargo shorts or swim shorts. These Adidas shorts are the closest to Tyler’s shorts without being a cargo or swim short and only cost £29.00 but they’re still tracksuit shorts but no one can pull the mint green shorts like Tyler The Creator anyway. To contrast the whole green look, Tyler wears red Converse and burgundy Converse sold by Schuh feature that star and look pretty cool but don’t get them too dirty as they’re £45.00! Overall, Tyler’s look is so expensive!


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