How UK universities are saying no to rape culture

Universities in the United States of America came under scrutiny last year when a documentary was released about rape and sexual assault on their campuses. The Hunting Ground shows the lack of resources and legal action the universities have taken to protect their students. Is it possible that the United Kingdom could have the same issues?

The Sussex county is home to two universities with an average of 33,000 students between them. Highlighting the importance of understanding how to prevent rape on campus and how to deal with the issues when they occur should be an important part of the universities agenda. Talking to one of the “I Heart Consent”campaign managers, Sarah gave insight into the work that Sussex University put into protecting their students.Sussex University is part of the I Heart Consent campaign which allows university students to provide workshops and raise awareness on the issues/myths around consent.

Reporting a case to the university can cause issues as students may not wish to report to the police or they believe that they won’t get the help they need. Lorraine Roberts from the University of Brighton is the Student Support and Guidance Tutor for the Hastings campus and explains her opinions on rape culture in the UK in relation to the media coverage and how universities bring attention to it.

Lorraine and Sarah both advised either the University of Brighton or its students to get on board with the campaign as they believe that raising the issue will help bring an end to it.

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